What Is Food Health

What Is Food Health?

Definition of health food

Health foods refer to supplements that are defined as follows. 1. Foods that are said to be healthier than general foods and are being sold. 2. It is provided for sale as a food supplemented with nutritional ingredients or used for special health use. 3. Supplementary food for sending a balanced diet

Difference between healthy foods and supplements

I think that many people find it difficult to understand the difference between healthy foods and supplements. There are reasons why it makes it difficult to understand this way. Actually, in Japan, there is no clear distinction between supplements and health foods. It is confusing because strictly “differences such as” supplement is ~ “and” health food is ~ “are not defined. It seems that supplements are generally considered as tablets or similar, and health foods as foods.

Types of health food

For health foods, you can first classify them as “insurance functional foods” and “insurance functional foods” into two, first by law. And insurance functional foods can be further classified into “food for specified health use” and “nutritional function food”. Food for specified health use is called Tokuho, approval based on the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law requires the indication of nutrient content, the display for health use (nutrition function indication), indication. Meanwhile, nutrition functional foods require the indication of nutrient content, nutrition function indication, indication.

Health-oriented food

Health-oriented foods mainly include “health foods”, “health function foods”, “dietary supplements” and so on.

Health foods

Foods and food ingredients that are considered good for health are called health foods.

Nutrition Function Food

Health Functional Food is a food prescribed in the “Insurance Functional Food System” and includes nutritional functional foods and specified health foods. Nutritional functional foods are foods intended to supplement or supplement necessary nutrients to maintain healthy growth and development and health. Meanwhile, the food for specified health use contains ingredients related to the physiological function and biological activity of the body, it is a food intended to be used for promotion of health maintenance and specific health.

Dietary supplements

Nutritional supplements are foods aimed at supplementing nutrients that are not enough in daily life. Supplements are usually applied to this.

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