In the Home, Massage Is Now Available

In the Home, Massage Is Now Available

Massage is helping people to relax their body and mind and also letting the people stay in very good health. Not only has this but massage also helped us to protect from many diseases. From all sides, the message is providing the benefits to our body and in a week one should take massage from the therapist. Today it has become common that there are many massage centres that are very much available in the market but they are having very fewer clients and the main reason is the people today is not having the time to go to the massage parlour and have the message.

The new solution has been brought in the market and it is sure t give the best benefits to the people and that is in a home message is very much available today. You are able to get the message at your home and that also by a very reliable company. The therapist is very experienced and will give you the best massage that you will ask again. In this you are the boss of your own because the time and the place are selected by you and the company will provide the therapist at that time and place where to like to have the message. You are getting the new method of booking the massage therapist and the way is that you have the new kind of system in which mobile app is very important. All the bookings and the payments that are done are through this mobile app.

If you like to become the therapist then you are also having the chance because this company is launching the system in many countries and it is the job where you are own boss. You are having the freedom of selecting the customers of your own choice and in a mobile app, you have one more special feature and that is the rating that is done by the clients. If you get the best rating from the clients then it is sure that you are going to earn a lot of money through this profession. Here is the procedure that you and the clients that can have from this company.

  • 1)  The people that are interested in getting the message at home must have the booking in advance and that also 7 days before and you have the freedom to cancel at any time.
  • 2) The client must tell the time that he likes to have the message
  • 3) An e-receipt is sent automatically by the app when the service is completed.
  • 4) You as the therapist will issue a paper receipt in person at the end of the service and it will include the client’s name, your name, license number, service provider, date and cost of service (without gratuity).
  • 5) You can choose the appointments that work best with your schedule and location and if you pass on an appointment then it will be offered to the next available therapist.
  • 6) You have to keep a mobile app on so that you are able to get the messages

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